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Who we are?

We are a family run company with three decades of experience in the real estates trading business, a wide collection of successful trades and thousands satisfied clients. We have gained our good reputation by the professional approach to each client, high standards of business and introducing the latest technology into our everyday work. We employ educated and dedicated real estate agents and use several effective strategies to advertise real estates, to communicate with our clients and customers successfully and to conduct contracts beneficial to our clients. If you are trading residential or commercial real estates, you can lean on our expert’s assistance.

Types Of Services


Residential Sales

Assisting the sales of residential real estates is one of the leading activities in our company. We use our great experience, expert’s knowledge and a large database of buyers and sellers to assist our clients in every step of the process and to ensure the trading goes smoothly. Selling residential property is more than just advertising and finding an adequate buyer for a house. This procedure includes inspection and valuation of the real estate, estimation of potential price, applying of wide marketing net, providing legal support, connecting owner of the real estate with a solicitor and potential buyers and finally – it often includes people’s emotional attachments to the house they’re selling. We are aware of the responsibility of our job and the service we offer truly meets high professional standards.

Commercial Sales

Another service our real estate agents offer is assistance during various commercial sales. Clients turn to our company when trying to sell their commercial building, to rent it, to find an investor, as well as when they are looking for the commercial building or offices to rent themselves. We provide you the access to the large, frequently refreshed database of buyers and sellers within the market of commercial real estates. Also, we provide full legal support, comprehensive advertising and all the advice you might need during the process of trading. The final aim is to maximize the price of the commercial real estate if you are selling one or to find the best opportunity according to your wishes and possibilities if you are buying one.


Professional guidelines for investment

Investment advice and instructions for trading at the market are another field of business our services cover. Financial, legal and real estate experts our company employs will gladly offer you advice on how to anticipate market fluctuations, optimize the values of real estates, catch various lucrative opportunities at the market, conduct due diligence estimations and various similar procedures. We combine our broad knowledge with the latest technology to follow the market closely and to instruct our clients in the best manner. Some of the services include due diligence investment, commercial and residential investment acquisition, portfolio advice, investment disposals and many others.

Rent and lease reviews

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, you could benefit from our services referring rent and lease reviews. Our agents and associated experts cover both, residential and commercial rents, always looking after the best interest of our client. If you are a landlord, we provide lease renewals, lease restructuring, surrenders and the access to the rich database of potential clients. The primary aim is to help you lease your real estate under the most lucrative terms for you. If you’re a tenant, we offer you services of rent review, negotiation on behalf of you, expert’s valuation of a rental and access to the rich database of current landlords and rentals. The main goal, in this case, is to help you find the real estate and contract that will have the most cost-effective terms for you.


Latest News


Can my real estate depreciate?

It’s not common that real estate depreciates in values, though some major changes can influence its future value. Some crucial environmental changes that will affect the value of the location of your real estate might reflect on its value. Also, some dramatic changes on the market or in the community where your property belongs. But in general, depreciation isn’t the issue to worry about.

Do I need a real estate agent?

Keep in mind that buying or selling a real estate is more complex than simple finding a client and transferring the money. It requires knowledge about market conditions, valuations, the latest information, legal knowledge and many other aspects. If you are confident enough to go through all of this on your own, that’s ok. If not, hiring real estate agent is highly recommended.


What’s the best moment to put my real estate on the market?

Aside from keeping track with economic fluctuations, the real estate agents advice clients to take advantage of the period between February and June. Keep in mind that most families move during summer, before the school begins and the winter’s season of holidays is not the period when people run into these kinds of investments.

What if I overprice my property?

It is possible that you will get that money nevertheless. But in most cases, you will lose many buyers, give a negative impression to the real estate, stay longer at the market, lose more money during negotiation, lose money due to mortgage and many other disadvantages. It’s the best to be real when setting the price.

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